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The "Do It Your Way" initiative sponsored an Art Contest to produce the Project's Logo. Clients throughout the Area were invited to submit drawings with personal commentary about their impressions of care at the end of life. Contest entries were displayed at the Annual Medfield State Hospital Art Show in Medfield, MA, that was open to the public.

In addition, the artwork and commentaries were converted into packages of note cards. Card sets provide the project with unique gifts to use for remembrances and recognition.

The logos represent mental health consumers' perspectives on care at the end of life. We offer the logo art entries as well as two creative poems.

Please note that all artwork is copywritten. Do not copy or use in any way without written permission from: [email protected]

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Medfield Dr. Mary Ellen Foti

Logo Art Entries

Winning Entry submitted by Carrie Phipps.
In God's Hands In God's Hands
Compassion is most important and as long as one's in good hands it doesn't matter if it is family. It can be anyone as long as love leads.
Carrie Phipps

Other Entries
Confused Lady Confused Lady
It's an elderly lady who's confused about her health. She hears about the Intensive Healthcare Network and sees hope for her future.
Son of God

Son of God
I draw anything of people and anything that comes to mind, because it brings day to the world. The thought shared with all is centered around the love of God the Father and God the Son being an answer to the most ultimate care and protection. God is a protection from the influences of Hell.
Defeat the fear of death...

"Defeat the fear of death and welcome the death of fear."
G. Gordon Liddy

Great quote and a very simplistic piece of artwork; tanned windows to show there is light in the house of death; this is what Hospice brings - light and tranquility to the family and to the dying person.
End-of-Life Care

End-of-Life Care
The underlying concept for the design is the notion that people in general, and at the end of their life in particular, prefer to be in a "homeish," pleasant, warm and welcoming environment . . .
The home could be there own, or a family's home; even if it is a nursing home or medical institution, a small place, with personal attention, where they can find peace and serenity is preferred. The design is simple and uses symbols universally recognized by people... a home with a white picket fence and a path, sunshine, rainbow, flowers. The image comes clearly across, and feeling created by the design and the colors is one of love, spiritual hope, and optimism.
Stylized Bed

Stylized Bed
My logo entry incorporates the acronym for the Intensive Healthcare Network and a stylized bed.
Summer Scene

Summer Scene
To demonstrate the promotion of end of life care I chose a cheery situation of two people in a summer scene. One of which being older and gray the other more younger. With this picture I tried to show how the end of life treatment does not always have to be bleak. Instead I tried to create a more pleasant outlook and gave the man and the woman the choice of living life to the fullest until inevitable end.

The person in the picture is surrounded by symbols, which represent aspects of the network: hope, caring, future, planning, support, questions, confusion, healthcare, etc. . .
In later Life

In Later Life
In later life, a person may be less active, so I choose to show an elderly woman sitting down. The man, standing, is serving the woman, which is a symbol of all the services the Intensive Healthcare Network will provide. The circle in the background is is a symbol of connectedness. The two people are connected by the need for services and the provisions of them.
Intensive Healthcare Network

Intensive Healthcare Network
At Peace

At Peace
I feel that spending time with family members and pets is very important and quality time with the ones you love can also be therapeutic. I think my picture symbolizes being at peace with your loved ones and nature.

This is like the food pyramid but it is what we need to make our mind and soul.

Housing development in space. Homes in space or space house.

I am an artist and have mental illness. Norman Rockwell painting is my inspiration so I just do what he did. My goal is to help children who have mental illness and emotional disturbance to express life through art.

Two poems by C. S.

When I Die

Sometimes life is troubling, sometimes I cry
Who will be there when I die,
In and out of hospitals, more and more pills
Who will protect me, I am mentally ill,
I am afraid, it is driving me insane
I want to be comfortable, feel no pain,
My family is the staff, I am so confused
Who will stop them if life sustaining treatment is used?
I can't be a burden or live by a machine
A tube down my throat is not so keen,
No one seems to listen, their smiles are fake
I pretend to be sleeping when I am awake
Why should I wait, the fear I can not bare
Back in the hospital, acute care,
I don't want to die alone with two hour checks
I want to remain home with dignity and respect.

End of Life Project

Last Rites, last right, a voice of a friend
promoting quality care to the very end
In life we promote choice and self-determination
Rights and dignity, encourage participation,
In death we document, close the history book
We close the case, empowerment overlooked
In life we encourage individuals to take the lead
our role is to support, assist with meeting their needs,
When dying, we ignore last rites to come home
A final cry, "I don't want to go all alone",
In life we promote good health and wellness
When dying, silence, if you have a mental illness,
In life, I am considered competent in fact,
When dying, your values are known with tact,
I am a ward of the state, in life respected,
In death I am nothing preparations neglected,
Do we not understand pain and fear when left?
Mental Illness is a disease that cuts like a knife,
We should continue to promote quality to the end of life.

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