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The underlying concept for the design is the notion that people in general, and at the end of their life in particular, prefer to be in a "homeish," pleasant, warm and welcoming environment . . .
The home could be there own, or a family's home; even if it is a nursing home or medical institution, a small place, with personal attention, where they can find peace and serenity is preferred. The design is simple and uses symbols universally recognized by people... a home with a white picket fence and a path, sunshine, rainbow, flowers. The image comes clearly across, and feeling created by the design and the colors is one of love, spiritual hope, and optimism.
Principal Investigator:

Mary Ellen Foti, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry University of Massachusetts Medical School, and
Area Medical Director, Metro Suburban Area, MA Department of Mental Health

Mailing address:
Westborough State Hospital
P.O. Box 288 - Lyman Street
Westborough, MA 01581

[email protected]

Web site:

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PEELC This information is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. End-of-Life Care for Persons with Serious Mental Illness is a multi-faceted project supported by a grant from Promoting Excellence In End-of-Life Care, A National Program Office of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Visit the main Web site at