Promoting Excellence : Cost Accounting Template

Cost Accounting Peer Workgroup: Cost Accounting Template

A service unit grid template to help health care administrators project costs and cost savings starting with identification and accounting of all services for health care programs.

Evaluation Tools - Cost/Utilization

Cost Accounting Peer Workgroup of
Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care
Stephen Seninger, Ph.D., Chair

Stephen Seninger, Ph.D.
Bureau of Business and Economic Research
University of Montana
Gallagher Business Bldg. 234
Missoula MT 59812-6840
[email protected]

Recommendation of the workgroup for use of this instrument:
This tool aids administrators in evaluating the costs of health care programs under consideration.

cost analysis, cost data costs of care, financial burden, savings utilization data, program assessment, outcome measurement

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Produced by the Cost Accounting Peer Workgroup.

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Posted February 24, 2005

# CA01, type:cost/utilization

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