Promoting Excellence : Telephone Interview (PhoenixCare)

PhoenixCare Every 3 Month Telephone Interview

This telephonic tool is used to interview patients about activities of daily living, health status, pain and other symptoms and quality of life.

Clinical Care Tools - Clinical Assessment Tools

PhoenixCare Hospice of the Valley
1510 East Flower Street
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Barbara Volk-Craft
[email protected]

How the grantee used this instrument:
This telephone interview was conducted by a contracted polling agency and the information gathered contributed toward the research component of the study.

patient interview, symptom assessment

To use this tool:
You may print and copy this tool for your own use via the link under "To view this tool." Please credit source.

This questionnaire includes the SF-36 Health Survey and is reproduced with permission of the Medical Outcomes Trust, Copyright 1992.

To view this tool:
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Posted June 26, 2003

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