Promoting Excellence : ESRD: Recommendations for Advance Preparation for Death

End-Stage Renal Disease: Recommendations for Advance Preparation for Death

This document provides a list of emotional and financial information that patients may want to provide to their families to better help them deal with the loved one’s death.

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The End-Stage Renal Disease Workgroup of Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care

Author: National Kidney Foundation, Inc.

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What this instrument is for:
This document provides patients with a list of information items they may want to provide to their families so that their families are better prepared to deal with their loved one’s death, both emotionally and financially.

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Adapted & reprinted with permission from “Initiation or Withdrawal of dialysis in End Stage Renal Disease: Guidelines for the Healthcare Team”©National Kidney Foundation, Inc.

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Posted August 1, 2003

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