Promoting Excellence : "Who will cross the river with me?" (Bristol Bay)

Bristol Bay: "Who will cross the river with me?" Storybook w/audio CD and cassette

This storybook describes a situation in which a Native Alaskan elder is able to remain at home at the end of life. It incorporates a number of nuances of life in the village that are important to outsiders, e.g. nurses.

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Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation
Helping Hands Program
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Dillingham, AK 99576

Bob Swope
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How the grantee used this instrument:
The Alaska Native culture relies heavily on storytelling to convey messages. The characters in the book, the illustrations, and the story provide a tool for Natives to understand changing times and how they can help elders remain at home as they near the end of life. It also helps "outsiders" understand the culture of the people.

family information, patient information, quality of dying

To use this tool:
Copies of the storybook and CD or cassette are available in limited supplies from Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation. Click on the order form below to view cost and ordering information. Email Monique Maas, [email protected] with questions regarding product availability and ordering information.

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Posted August 2003

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