Promoting Excellence : Caregiving 101

University of California San Francisco Comprehensive Care Team: Caregiving 101, prepared by Center for Caregiver Training, (formerly Home Care Companions)

This is an 18-hour series of courses designed for the families, friends and partners of people living with serious illness. The Center for Caregiver Training also provides mini-workshops (individual modules of the course) for clients of other service providers and for front-line workers to sensitize them to other issues related to their clients.

Educational Tools - Patient/Family Education

Center for Caregiver Training
1320 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

In collaboration with:
University of California San Francisco
Comprehensive Care Team
1600 Divisadero Street, Room C-433
San Francisco, CA 94115-1640

Celi Adams RN, ONC
[email protected]

How the grantee used this instrument:
In order to reach as many caregivers as possible, the Center for Caregiver Training is making their materials for caregivers available online. Eventually this web-based training will cover all the fundamental curriculum that has been developed by the program. The material can be used sequentially, or you can zero in on the section that is important to you.

caregiver information, coping and illness, family training

To use this tool:
To view training materials online visit The Center for Caregiver Training, The site will provide you with a list of topics now accessible and a list of topics soon to be completed.

Posted September 2003

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