Promoting Excellence : Family / Surrogate Satisfaction Survey

Balm of Gilead: Family / Surrogate Satisfaction Survey

This quality of care survey is given to families of patients after the patient has died.

Evaluation Tools - Satisfaction/Perception of Care

Cooper Green Hospital
The Balm of Gilead Center
1515 Sixth Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Marc Sussman
[email protected]

How the grantee used this instrument:
This survey was given to the families of patients who died while receiving home hospice or inpatient palliative care. The survey was administered by phone 30 days after patient died.

after death interview, family experience, family perception of care, post death interview

To use this tool:
You may print and copy this tool for your own use from this site. We recommend that you consult the references before using this tool. Please credit source.

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Posted April 2004

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