Promoting Excellence : Center for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care: Pocket Guide

Center for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care: Pocket Guide

A 3x5 laminated card listing suggested dialogue between practitioners and patients with advanced illness. It corresponds to the 26 steps listed in the book Peaceful Dying by Daniel R. Tobin, M.D.

Clinical Care Tools - Advance Care Planning

Center for Advanced Illness Coordinated Care
113 Holland Ave
Albany NY 12208

Daniel R. Tobin, M.D.
[email protected]

How the grantee used this instrument:
This pocket guide was used by nurses, social workers, and advanced illness care coordinators as an easy reference to guide conversations with patients in facilities enrolled in the AICC Program.

program description, care plan review, patient experience, patient satisfaction, needs assessment, patient interview, emotional well-being, spiritual care, spiritual well-being, psychosocial assessment, psychological well-being, social work, quality of life, communication

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Posted September 2004

# AICCP01, type:advanced_care_planning

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