Promoting Excellence : Family Members End-of-Life Care Survey

University of New Mexico: Family Members End-of-Life Care Survey

Description: This tool provides a set of questions for focus groups of families and caregivers to identify concerns, issues, needs, and community actions/activities related to care when cure is no longer possible, and to identify local strengths and barriers to improving care in the community at end-of-life.

Evaluation Tool - Community Assessment

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Walter Forman MD
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How the grantee used this instrument: Four focus groups of one and a half-hours each were held with family members and family caregivers of deceased individuals who used or were eligible for hospice in each community. Individuals in this group are selected equally from individual families whose deceased relative used hospice services and those who did not in 1997 and 1998.

Keywords: community survey, after death interview, caregiver survey

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Posted August 2004

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