Promoting Excellence : PEACE - Family/Caregiver Baseline and Follow-Up Interviews

University of Chicago: PEACE - Family/Caregiver Baseline and Follow-Up Interviews

This is the baseline enrollment and follow-up interviews scheduled for the family caregivers of patients with dementia enrolling in PEACE.

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Palliative Excellence in Alzheimer's Care Efforts (PEACE)
University of Chicago Medical Center
Section of Geriatrics (MC 6098)
5841 South Maryland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Gavin W. Hougham, Research Director
[email protected]

Greg A. Sachs, Chief, Section of Geriatrics
[email protected]

How the grantee used this instrument:
Patient and family caregiver enrollees in PEACE were interviewed every six months after baseline for the duration of the demonstration, about two years. Some patients who were severely impaired did not complete all interviews, or portions of interviews, while we attempted to interview all caregivers at every scheduled follow up visit.

patient screening, dementia, Alzheimer's, pain assessment, symptom assessment, caregivers, caregiver enrollment

To use this tool:
Selected portions of these instruments adapted scales and measures from other sources, and persons wishing to use these instruments should consult these other authors for appropriate permissions and instructions.

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Posted September 2004

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