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University of Chicago PEACE: Symptom Management Sheet - PAIN

A discussion of the individualized experience of pain, what your health care provider needs to know, recommended treatments for pain, and an explanation of pain medications.

Educational Tool - Patient/Family Education

Palliative Excellence in Alzheimer's Care Efforts (PEACE)
University of Chicago Medical Center
Section of Geriatrics (MC 6098)
5841 South Maryland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637

Gavin W. Hougham, Research Director
[email protected]

Greg A. Sachs, Chief, Section of Geriatrics
[email protected]

How the grantee used this instrument:
This sheet was given to the patient, the patient's caregiver, and sometimes included in a letter back to a referring physician.

chronic pain, pain measures, pain management, symptom management, patient information

To use this tool:
You may print and copy this tool for your own use from this site. Please credit source.

Adapted for the PEACE project by Dion Cox Haley and Lisa Maillard.

To view this tool:
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Posted September 2004

University of Chicago: PEACE overview page

# UCP17, type:patient/family_education

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