Promoting Excellence : Modified City of Hope Patient Questionnaire and CALL Care Cover Letters

Supportive Care of the Dying: Modified City of Hope Patient Questionnaire and CALL Care Cover Letters

Two questionnaires for the patient enrolled in the CALL Care program assessing experiences in the following areas: physical, emotional, spiritual, health care environment, health care providers, and personal information. Includes an introductory cover letter to the patient.

Clinical Care Tool - Clinical Assessment

Supportive Care of the Dying: A Coalition for Compassionate Care
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Portland, Oregon 97213
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Sylvia McSkimming
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How the grantee used this instrument:
Used to gather information for assessment of the patient at one month, three months, and every three months thereafter. The first, longer version of the questionnaire was filled out at the time of enrolling in the CALL Care program. The second version is shorter and may be used in subsequent data gathering sessions. Only the first eight questions were mandatory.

symptom assessment, psychosocial assessment, health status, function, patient experience

To use this tool:
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Developed specifically for this project by the project team.

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Posted October 2004

# SCD03, type:clinical_assessment

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